Mission and Vision


The Hague School’s mission is to empower and prepare secondary students through collaborative dialogue, self-directed learning, and a rigorous, college-preparatory curriculum. We strive to instill a lifelong love of learning, compassion for humanity, and leadership skills for a global society.


The Hague School is a small, open-minded independent secondary school. Our community promotes individualized instruction and unique student opportunities. The Hague Approach brings contemporary technology to focused conference table discourse.

At The Hague School, there are no rows of desks. Students prepare with a master teacher and come to the table ready to actively participate in facilitated peer-to-peer interaction. This unique dynamic fosters engagement, creativity, and critical thinking. The Hague School faculty includes diverse, experienced educators who balance research-based practice and innovative approaches to teaching and learning with our trademarked conference method of instruction. Cross-curricular approaches offer project-centered and experiential coursework in conjunction with local professionals and businesses, giving students real world experience.

With their teachers as supportive guides, students of all backgrounds engage in educational experiences rich in meaning allowing them to cultivate a sense of self and empowering them to find their niche in a global society.

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