Letter from Our Head of School

Dear Friends,

For the past six years I have been reinforcing and fine tuning these concepts in the private school context. Together, with a powerful team of educators, we explored the value of strong relationships among students, teachers, and families and how a smaller pupil-teacher ratio could make a real difference in student learning. We learned how to fine tune and connect classroom curricula while effectively integrating technology into the classroom in a productive manner that doesn’t drive instruction. We were able to mobilize community support to benefit the entire school.

The Hague School is based on a foundation of all of the concepts above.  It features a rigorous academic curriculum where teachers facilitate learning in small groups around tables as students hypothesize new ideas, incubate emerging thinking, and challenge existing solutions. The school program relies heavily on strong academic relationships and full use of the local community. I am very excited to be part of this important conversation and what I believe is the most innovative use of best practices and research of high school education in this area. 

I recently read an interesting article on the nature of genius, which made the case that here are a lot of bright and smart people in our world. However, it noted that some key characteristics of genius include the ability to create, collaborate with others, connect dots between ideas and concepts, and communicate special content through chosen media. I believe The Hague School fosters these traits in students, allowing them to excel academically while developing character and confidence in their abilities.

I hope this concept is equally exciting to you. The opportunity to invest in our children in profound and meaningful ways for the future is both thrilling and visionary. If this captures your passion, please reach out and contact The Hague School and join this conversation.


Michael C. Spencer

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