Student Portfolios

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To many colleges, a student’s high school portfolio is even more predictive of academic success and valuable to the college admissions process.  At The Hague School, a student’s portfolio begins literally in the first nine weeks, when each student is challenged to prepare an original research paper related to the first quarter’s theme – and submit it for publication.  Examples of papers submitted in Fall 2019 include the effects of microplastic pollution on Elizabeth River oysters, whether local plastic recycling efforts are effective, and the prolific use of plastic products in local fast food restaurants.  In the second nine weeks, students entered the Elizabeth River Project’s Expo to showcase their soil testing in front of the school along the Hague – and earned designation as a Resilient River Star School.

Recognizing that interscholastic competition provides a useful focus for project development, collaboration, and teamwork, students entered the Global Social Leaders competion ( in January 2020.  Topics ranged from reducing recidivism in Portsmouth juvenile courts to understanding migrant immigration on the Eastern Shore to a project raising awareness about animal cruelty – in conjunction with our sister school in San Luis Potosi, Mexico.

Notwithstanding COVID-19’s proscription of in-person learning, students in the third nine weeks prepared and presented original pieces related to Romeo and Juliet:  film clips from _____ set to ______; Cam’s________; original lyrics set to Tupac’s______.  Bill Withers’  Just the Two of Us, and ______’s _____ when the star-crossed lovers find each other.  

And, they’re just getting started!


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