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One of our first exciting, very visible projects was to build a beautiful brick courtyard where students and faculty can not only relax, but also continue their collaborative conversations outside the traditional classroom space.  We encourage you to take this opportunity to support our current and future expansions through a commemorative brick.

Engraved bricks allow for up to three (3) lines of text.  Each line can hold up to thirteen (13) characters.  Please see our sample bricks below for ideas.

To order your commemorative brick(s) today, please feel free to:

  • Complete your order online through Anedote’s secure payment portal on the right.  Completed bricks will reflect exactly what you enter in the fields. 

  • Download the Order Form PDF and send your order in through the mail to The Hague School, 739 Yarmouth Street, Norfolk, VA 23510.


  • Contact Jennifer Warren at 757.317.3033, Ext. 11.

Sample Bricks

Construction Phases

Our deepest thanks to all of our generous donors.

Phil Gillette, Phd

Linda Giovinco

Anna Crane

Daniel Russell

Jennifer & Andrew Stillman 

Tarl Bloys

Jackie Drotar

Corrie Sullivan

Vanessa Carless

Ashley Heering

Patricia Chase

Dodie McGuire

Walter Voorhies

Karen Grow

Tracy Reynolds

Christy Anderson

Jonathan Moretz

Parke Brinkley

Natalie Greene

Eric Sullivan

Ashley Heering

Linda Smith

Heather Rutheford

Lydia Adelfio

Ted Murray

Ned Farquhar

Carol Witsotzki

Dorsey Wisotzki

Lisa Walker

Joanna Garner

Rosemary Spencer

Meg Jones

Patti Pasko

Richard Thurmond

David Baird

David Engel

Rich Gregor

Timothy Churchwell

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