Ninth & Tenth Grade Courses

The core tenets of The Hague Approach provide a consistent, accessible structure for student engagement and assessment. The Hague School’s cross-curricular design further permits students to engage with common topics in each of their core courses, presenting opportunities for engagement from a variety of perspectives and modalities.

Students will study oratory and rhetoric to develop communication skills essential to dialogic instruction.  Research will be emphasized as students engage in the reading and critique of cultural and historical literary compositions and their evaluation of media sources.  Clear and effective composition, in its various forms, will be practiced and refined through interdisciplinary readings and assignments.

Students will review geography and explore the historic progress of cultures and countries from ancient times to the present.  Emphasis is placed on the political, economic, and religious influences in the development of cultures, and students will engage in critical thinking from a social perspective.

Students will study Geometry and Algebra II & Trigonometry in preparation for higher-level math.  Emphasis is placed on data management and interpretation in their various forms. Students will explore micro/macroeconomics and math technologies.

Students will study core principles of Environmental Science with an emphasis on the effects and pervasiveness of pollution and the human interaction with the earth’s air, water, and land systems.  They will progress to Chemistry and Introduction to Physics where they will explore matter, energy, and mechanics.  Students will be challenged to investigate, analyze data, and organize research throughout these experiential courses as they learn to develop a worldview of their environment and how their actions affect it.

Students may choose between two courses of study in foreign language.  If the student has previously studied Spanish or French, this study may continue at a higher lever.

For students looking for a new experience in the study of foreign languages, The Hague School will also offer Introduction to Linguistics as an elective.  Students will explore the reaches of linguistics, from the principles that form the foundation of all human language to a survey of several world languages.  Throughout the course, attention will be given to cultures and the cultural intersections associated with language.

Students will develop an understanding of wellness and personal physical fitness to develop a life-long commitment to healthy living and healthy habits.  Emphasis is placed on personal growth, nutrition, and behaviors that are essential for a balanced and health-conscious lifestyle.

The list below is a sampling of elective options The Hague School has offered to underclassmen.  Because we are a small school by design, we have the luxury to accommodate student interest in our course offerings.  As such, the elective choices are finalized closer to the start of the school year when our student body has provided their input.

  • Film and Photography
  • Performance and Visual Arts
  • Art History and Theory
  • Music Theory and Practice
  • Graphic Design 
  • Information Technologies
  • Coding and Computer Science
  • Architecture and Drafting
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