Dual Enrollment at VWU

We are excited to offer dual enrollment Biology classes as part of our IB curriculum beginning in the fall of 2021.  11th grade students will continue to participate in Harkness discussions at The Hague School and will travel to Virginia Wesleyan University for a weekly lab in their state-of-the art facilities.  12th graders may enroll in college credit courses in both sciences and humanities such that they have the opportunity to earn 12-20 college credits by the time they graduate from The Hague School.

In addition to dual enrollment during the regular school year , students are able to take summer courses like Oceanography in a 3-4 week summer session.  Students earn 4 credits and have the opportunity to stay on campus and meet with fellow students from our sister schools in Mexico.  Such courses are an active and engaging experience as students study in the lab and in the field.

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