Tuition and Fees

At The Hague School, we believe that any student working at or above grade level who demonstrates an area of aptitude and commitment to the conference method of instruction should have a place at the table regardless of race, gender, orientation, national origin, and/or socioeconomic background. Therefore, we are offering enrollment in the 9th grade tuition free to applicants who apply early.

Through scholarships provided by our generous donors, we are able to offer this remarkable gift to our incoming class of 9th graders. Further, these scholarships and other resources will make financial aid possible for students who may need and qualify for financial aid in grades 10-12. We are committed to making enrollment at The Hague School a viable option for all qualified applicants, so apply today and join the conversation!  

Tuition for Grades 9-12

2019 – 2020

9th Grade

*Inaugural class scholarship funds still available.


10th Grade


*Tuition discounted to $7,700 for applications receive prior to December 15, 2019. 


Technology, materials, and facilities (includes G Suite account, Chromebook or Chrome tablet, and Chrome/Android app subscriptions and YMCA membership) -$1,500/yr.

*Does not include dining, transportation, optional activities, and/or athletic fees. 

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