Why Choose Us?

Personalized Instruction

By design, we are a small school with a focused mission, personalized instruction, and unique student opportunities.

Effective Class Sizes

Our tables seat 10-12 students, ensuring class sizes that foster a nurturing environment and individualized attention.

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Unique Approach

The Hague Approach of instruction integrates conference discussion with innovative technology and experiential learning.

Focus Areas

Scientific and Technical Arts

Cross-curricular approaches such as the Integrated Biology English and Technology (IBET) will be developed to offer project centered and experiential coursework in conjunction with local professionals and businesses, giving students real world experience.


Creative and Performing Arts

Daily electives will permit students to practice and refine their skills in music, dance, art, theater, and film on our stage under the guidance of master performers.

Service Projects

It is expected that every student will, at a minimum, complete a one week service project each year.  Eleventh and twelfth grade students will be encouraged to design a service project that involves exposure to a foreign culture and language.
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